About Us

BC Sales is a contract screen print company conveniently located in Bradenton, Florida. BC Sales services the promotional product distributors with wholesale pricing and quick, efficient production schedules. With over thirty years of experience in the ASI industry, BCSales understands the relationship of the ASI supplier and the ASI distributor and offers services like receiving your blank goods from the various tee shirt suppliers, creating or editing your artwork to best fit the design of the finished product, and drop shipping these shirts to your customers with your UPS account and a blind label. Alpha, San Mar, Bodek and Rhodes and TSF have distribution centers that are just one shipping day away. We also pick up orders at Alpha Shirt in Saint Petersburg three times weekly; just ask them to hold your order in Saint Petersburg for BC Sales pick up and there will be no freight charge.

Recently we have added a new Jumbo and AllOver automatic screenprint machine. Thanks to companies like "Affliction" and "Tap Out" waterbased AllOver and Jumbo screen print is, or has become very popular. While we are excited to add this retail type service to the corporate world there are some hurtles that have to be crossed.First and foremost, the shirt must be 100 % cotton, we have had excellent results with the "Gildan" brand, whether it is the G200, G500, or the G640, these shirts seam to react to the chemicals in the water based ink the best. Building an AllOver or Jumbo design is different from regular screen printed tee shirts, we have templates that will help your art department create an AllOver print that will fit your client's needs. The best part of selling AllOver and Jumbo shirt is there is very little competition and margins should be flexible.

There are less than 10 screen print companies in the USA with this type of equipment using the water based inks. Most of these screenprinters are selling or servicing the retail customers and would not be bothered with orders of 72 pieces, we do. There are extra expenses when printing an AllOver design, to start with a custom large format printer is required to generate the size of the film needed, then we purchased custom 40 x 40 inch screen to accommodatethe largest shirt sizes, then the consumables like emulsion, ink, cleaning supplies and tape is used in greater volume. The production also requires more time to set each job up along with additional staff putting the shirts on and taking shirts of the press. The standard press can produce about two and a half times the tee shirts that the Jumbo press can do in an eight hour shift.

The finished product is custom product unlike any tee shirts that your clients have ever seen, no one shirt is the same. Because we do print over seams there are slight imperfections in the printing, especially when using a large amount of ink at the seams. Since the water based ink chemically reacts with the dye in the shirt it is very difficult to guarantee PMS color matches. Our art department will help you get the best look for your client by altering your artwork and giving you suggestions prior to production. We also offer water based printing on our regular press along with other special effects like foiling. We look forward to helping you with all your contract screen printing needs.

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